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«The greatest danger in times of change is responding to new challenges with the solutions of the past…»

Aware of the challenge of building a more sustainable world, ERTEC moves in all technological areas of energy efficiency, making use of its strong vocation in engineering to achieve this goal.

We are dedicated to the study, design, installation, and distribution of energy and air conditioning solutions for homes, collective and industrial buildings. Guided by the highest standards of demand, we offer our customers solutions tailored to their needs and the specifics of their projects.

We also offer design and implementation services for engineering solutions within the area of energy, air conditioning, and efficiency for architectural projects. We want to guarantee the most efficient solution that generates savings in the long term for each project, which is why we want to be partners with those designing the building from its conception phase, with a holistic and integrated vision of architecture, energy and
Customer comfort.

At ERTEC we have a specialised technical team with several years of nationally recognised experience. We have the vote of confidence of major international brands that
entrust us with the representation and marketing of their products in Portugal, but above all, we have the satisfaction of hundreds of customers who over the last decade have trusted us to solve their problems


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ERTEC´s mission is to offer technological solutions whose main goal is the optimization of energy efficiency levels, in an environmentally sustainable way. We always seek to offer solutions with the best cost-benefit ratio, maintaining a balance between the desired levels of profitability and maximum optimization of energy efficiency levels.


To be a national and international reference in the sectors in which it carries out its activity, with permanent innovation and thus assuming an identity recognized for its ability to design and implement, always complying with the parameters of quality and excellence for its clients.


Recognizing that the achievement of a strong and credible identity is decisive for the realization of the challenges it sets itself. The desire to do more and better, facing the present and the future with confidence and audacity and taking on, in a determined and committed way, new challenges that contribute to its growth. Integrity through a path that reinforces the principles of honesty, loyalty, justice, and truth in everyone´s daily conduct. Quality in the technical advice and technology offered.


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