Targeted at industries and companies, Ertec offers a wide range of solutions that will always have as their main objective the increase in the efficiency levels of companies, savings and profitability.

All solutions are tailor-made to the needs of each client by a team of Ertec engineers and product designers. Among the most requested solutions are:

Auditing and Consultancy

Photovoltaic systems for energy production (UPAC)

Monitoring systems

HVAC and thermal recovery systems


Ertec has a department exclusively dedicated to buildings and homes, with which it seeks to offer solutions that optimize the efficiency of each home/building, but above all increase the comfort levels of homes and workspaces. The HVAC solutions are essentially focused on the efficient air conditioning of the spaces, however, any specific need can be studied. Among the most sought-after solutions we have:


Air Conditioning Systems

DHW Systems

Thermal energy production

Radiant floors


Consultancy and Auditing

Efficient Climate Control




Our Solutions

Energy Services and Solutions

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